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Athletic Training Residency Program - Curriculum


The Michigan State University Athletic Training Residency Program is a twelve month program designed to educate an Athletic Trainer and integrate their skills into the clinical and surgical setting as a physician extender. Give the athletic trainer new tools to bring as a physician extender to the orthopedic job market.


To be a leader in the education of Athletic Trainers to be outstanding Physician Extenders in Orthopedic care.

Overview - Curriculum - Job Description - Job Requirements

Program Curriculum

Clinical Rotations

The Athletic Training resident will have the opportunity to rotate with three Orthopedic Faculty and four Primary Care Faculty at MSU Sports Medicine in the clinic setting and in the operating room with the Orthopedists

Didactic Sessions to average at least 5 hours per week separate from the clinic and operating room environment:

The Didactic Portion of this education opportunity will average 5 hours per week and will be separate from the learning opportunities in the clinic and operating room environment. The resident will attend:

  • Sports medicine weekly conference at clinic
  • Fracture conference at hospital with orthopedic residents
  • Orthopedic review conference with orthopedic residents
  • Radiology rotation with sports medicine trained musculoskeletal radiologists
  • Orthopedic journal club once a month
  • Radiology/Orthopedic Surgery correlation conference once a quarter 
  • Research rotation
  • Monthly meetings with Billing regarding reimbursement for Physician extender services in an Orthopedic clinic

Additional educational and training opportunities

Michigan State University, MSU Sports Medicine has set aside Continuing Education Funds for the Athletic training resident. The resident will attend local and national orthopedic and sports medicine conferences during the 12 month residency.



Please direct all questions to Michael Straus:

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