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We are MSU SportsMEDICINE. For over twenty years we have provided quality health care to MSU athletes and the mid-Michigan area. We are the unquestioned leader in providing non-operative and operative care to athletes and sport participants of all ages. Evaluation and diagnostic services are provided by the experienced staff physicians, physician assistants, and support staff. Utilization of athletic training services within the clinic and with local physical therapists, allows athletic participants an aggressive and comprehensive approach to return to sports and the performing arts.

Comprehensive care of the injured athlete and active participant is the primary focus of MSU SportsMEDICINE. The staff of primary care and orthopedic specialists at MSU SportsMEDICINE work closely with primary care providers in the mid-Michigan area offering a referral opportunity to better serve the active recreational athletes regarding their injuries. Utilizing a full spectrum of ancillary health care providers within MSU and throughout the community, MSU SportsMEDICINE has taken the approach to treating the whole athlete as opposed to any of its parts. Sports psychiatry, nutrition, biomechanical analysis, manual medicine techniques, stress testing and body fat determinations are just a few of the avenues the sports medicine staff will utilize to enhance an athletes performance and also return them to play.

Contact Information:

MSU Sports Medicine
4660 South Hagadorn Road
Suite 420
East Lansing, MI 48823

Phone: 517.884.6100
Fax: 517.884.6233

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Physician Spotlight

Sheeba Joseph, M.D., M.S.

Sheeba Joseph M.D., M.S.


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